Up and Coming U.S. Cities for Your Business (Infographic)


While Silicon Valley may seem like the right place for your startup, check out some other options first.

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it’snot all about San Francisco and New York City — there’s a number of up and coming cities around the country for your new business venture. More affordable and feasible locations include Atlanta, Provo, Utah, and Des Moines, Iowa. From tax rates to financial programs, these smaller cities are great launching pads for new businesses.

Some well-known big businesses have set up offices in some of these cities as well, leading the way for smaller ones to follow — with Apple and Facebook in Austin, Dell and HP in Manchester, N.H., and Johnson & Johnson and J.P. Morgan in Jersey City, N.J.

Check out Colonial Life’s infographic below to scope some potential cities for your startup.

Image credit: entrepreneur.com
Article by: Rose Leadem
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